First comes guilt,then comes relief 

Have you ever done something that you knew was wrong but continued to do it anyway? Yeah? Me too. I’m sure we all have. But have you ever done something you knew was wrong but by fate that guilt is suddenly washed away? Well my situation this morning, booooooy let me tell you!! I am in a relationship that’s kinda complicated on my end (that’s another blog, for another day) and I tend to come across other people I have an attraction for.  The Head Man In Charge, it was my first time with a light skin before and it was actually fine. When finished I thought to myself…… How could I do that to him, yet again? But then the table turn. How would you feel seeing your dude ask for other girls naked pictures?? One would probably feel sad, mad, insecure, ecetera, ecetera. Oh but not me. I feel RELIEVED!!! Because the one who gets caught first…. Loses!