I am a free spirit.  That is what I would like to think of myself as.  Believing the world is full of possibilities and open to explore.  My name is “D”.  I am 22 years old.  Im nice, beautiful, hardworking, confident, self motivating, self sufficient, and a go getter is what I am.  I created this blog so that I could have the freedom to go where I want, to say what I need to say, and to be Kreative with my thoughts.  I am always thinking and mind is constantly roaming. With me the possibilities are endless.  I promise my short stories will keep you interested and wanting to read more.  My blogs will consist of EVERYTHING.  Because I don’t, and wont limit myself.  Hopefully when someone comes across my blogs, I can touch at least one person or one person could relate to me.  This is an open minded place to be. So feel free to comment and leave ideas.


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