Self progression

Good morning. Last night I went out on a date and I can say I really did enjoy myself. We came home to my house. I said I wasn’t having anyone else in my house, but I can’t stick to my guns. So we came in and he was allll over me. That was cool. But part of the reason I am single and won’t find a man outside of my first love is because I think that’s all people want from. Everybody wanna get a lil taste. So when he attempted to sex me, my mind began to wonder: not agin, stop it, it’s only the first date, don’t do this, you are better than this, I’m gone regret it in the morning. So at that point I was getting turned off and said we need to stop. I want a man to be in love with my mind before my body. Cause i know I got some good pussy that can easily consume a man. I am very proud of myself that I’m slowly but surely coming into myself. If I can remember that it’s all about me and I am the product, then I’ll forever be in control. 


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