Idiot is Man

Recently i had the pleasure of meeting “The Single Life” and oh what a life that is. Its sad that things had to come to an end, but life goes on.  So now that i am single, my single doors are opening up and men are just running their asses through LOL. At first I was overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of good looking men, but that feeling has came and went.  Men are idiots.  Every last one of them. My ex was even an idiot. If i hadn’t found him when i was young and dumb, we may not have been together as long as we were. The reason i say men are idiots is because their approach to women are ridiculous.  The things they say and do I cant grasp where their train of thought comes from. One example would be, the other day I was coming out of Krogers, got into my car and began to back out, when a man from outta nowhere is preventing me from pulling off. So i roll down my window and he hands me a business card, stating he cuts hair and does eyebrows.  I’m like cool, Thanks. He then continues to ask if i have a man and can he take me out. I politely stated, i just got out of a relationship and I’m not looking for anyone new, but he was persistent.  The conversation ended with me giving my phone  number to the guy.  The following day he tells me Good Morning and lets me know I am so beautiful, blah, blah, blah. He then follows by asking me if he could have one of those sexy pics that i keep stored in my phone.  What a fucking IDIOT. I blocked that mans number, i just cant!!! What is the problem with guys like seriously.  Another example is,  I went out on a date with an older man I had met earlier that day, I’m guessing 40’s.  He took me to a restaurant located on the banks of KY. It was nice, an adult environment, good lighting and seating, I ordered my food it was great, as well as the conversation. We left there and went dancing at an older bar called Nephews, which i was too young to get into and he knew that (so embarrassing) but i got in anyway. It reached a certain point in time where I wanted to go home, so i informed him of that and we left.  He walked me to my apartment building, we kissed goodbye and that should have been it.  But here is where the idiot of a man comes in.  He asks me where my apartment is and i point in a direction and he says lets go.  Now in my head I’m thinking he just wants to walk me to my actual door, so i went with it. MAAAAANNNNN! When we get inside this man tries to get him a lil tasty taste of this good pussy LOL. He undresses me, gives me some OTAY head and proceeds to stick his dick in me. After about 30 seconds I inform him that we need to stop and he needs to leave. He said we should continue because that would be the perfect way to end our night. And I had to let him know that this aint about him.  How would us having sex be perfect for us to end our night?? on our first date?? Him being an older  man i thought that he would have more respect for me and show me something other than a young mans mentality, but I was wrong.  Idiot is Man.


Self progression

Good morning. Last night I went out on a date and I can say I really did enjoy myself. We came home to my house. I said I wasn’t having anyone else in my house, but I can’t stick to my guns. So we came in and he was allll over me. That was cool. But part of the reason I am single and won’t find a man outside of my first love is because I think that’s all people want from. Everybody wanna get a lil taste. So when he attempted to sex me, my mind began to wonder: not agin, stop it, it’s only the first date, don’t do this, you are better than this, I’m gone regret it in the morning. So at that point I was getting turned off and said we need to stop. I want a man to be in love with my mind before my body. Cause i know I got some good pussy that can easily consume a man. I am very proud of myself that I’m slowly but surely coming into myself. If I can remember that it’s all about me and I am the product, then I’ll forever be in control. 


I finally found something I want to do. Growing up I loved, loved, loved being creative. Doing arts and crafts and drawing fashion is what I loved. At some point in my life I grew out of that and filled that void with nothing. That’s why I never knew what I wanted to do.

 I want to make a vision board. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you take pictures of anything that you find interest in and put them up on a board together. It’s a great way to see all the things you want in one place. It’s can be goals, dreams, favorite food and color, love, marriage, religion anything you want. 

Failure Attraction 

I would like to think I am a beautiful, talented, young and getting it type of woman. I am 22 years old with a great job,  I have a nice savings account , I don’t want for nothing, I drive , got my own place, no kids, 2 more jobs on the side and I’m keeping my body right. I have a good head on my shoulders and a vocabulary that could back that up. I don’t understand why I can’t attract men or women of the same nature. I attract people with kids, don’t drive, no money, mfs who been in jail, no job, no place of their own, stay in the ghetto, and mfs who think they can sell me a dream of vacations and shit and ain’t never been out of Cincinnati they damn selves. Like shut yo fake ass up. I attract niggas who are content with the life style of staying up on the latest clothes and fashion instead of staying up on a good credit score or keeping up a nice savings account. Those who want to get in the way of my money by requesting I take a day off of work and they source of income is drug money. Ummmmmm no! My money come first and I ain’t changing that for no man. I’m not asking for someone who can change my life anyway.  I’m looking for someone who can fit right in to what I got going on and we grow together. I want someone with a solid foundation like mine. I’m not understanding why that’s so hard to find. 

The Greed Bug

When your money hungry but don’t know where to get the money from has to be the most annoying thing ever. That is what I’m going through right now. I want the money and the riches. I’m willing to work hard for what I want and need but I just don’t know where to look. Guidance is what I need. I need to come across the right person who will give me the right opportunity and I swear I’m gone take off. My main focus right now is working and becoming a thousandair. Until that happens I don’t have time for anything else. That shit consumes my entire mind.  


I have the tendency to just fall in the background and not be heard. I’m a quiet person. But I would consider myself as an outgoing girl. Some way some how I need to be a little more assertive when it comes to me dealing with people in my everyday life. The thing is I’m quiet until someone FUCKS WITH ME, then I can be as loud as I wanna be. I need to learn how to be loud even when no one fucks with me. I can’t be walked over and I don’t want someone thinking that they can or can take advantage of me in anyway. 

Brand New

Waking up this morning I felt like a weight has been lifted up off of me. I’m not sure what it is. I did deactivate my Facebook last night so that could be it. Social media is the devil and I believe it can consume your mind if you let it. Now that I let that go, I am able to put my focus onto something else. I’m going to progress in my life. Speak things and they shall come into existence.  


As I laid there, he wrapped his muscle arm around my slim, thick body. And we slept. Slept til the crack of the morning. Something had slowly awaken us. For him it was morning wood and for me, I became restless because of his morning wood. I let him take me. I hadn’t planned on it going into that night. I was supposed to go home, but he wanted me to stay. I felt like he was feeling me so i did.  I’m trying to figure out where down the line did I turn on “I wanna fuck avenue”! I allowed him to consume me. So I can’t be mad. Hell im not mad. I just want to figure out why I did it?? For me or for him??